JAMMU: Instead of taking corrective measures to improve things at the ground level, the careless State Sports Council has sought explanations from the two kabaddi coaches posted at Green Field Ground, here on Tuesday.
The action, show cause notice (explanation), has been initiated against two coaches, one of them contractual, for no fault of theirs by the Sports Officer, Rajan Sharma with a direction to submit reply in next three days.
In fact, the officer of the Sports Council could not digest the negligence on his part highlighted in these columns the other day. The officer concerned was failed in his duties to get the playing (kabaddi) field prepared before the routine training sessions through ground staff thus forced the players to clear the playing arena and then mark the ground themselves.
“Since the four-member team of ground staff stay at the Green Field during office (8:30 PM to 2:00 PM) hours only, these players and coaches are left with no other option to prepare the fields themselves. Such ground realties tell us the inside story of the functioning of the Sports Council,” said parent of a kabaddi player, Ram Lal.
Expressing his sympathy with the coaches, he said that the Sports Council should have taken corrective measures by deputing ground staff for getting the field ready before the practice session start at 4:30 PM instead of seeking explanations.
“Such unmindful and unjustified action on part of the Council discourages those dedicated individuals at the ground level. Everybody knows, even the passersby, that only regular discipline at Green Field ground is kabaddi,” he maintained.