Mumbai, Sep 19 (PTI) Both the varieties of sugar prices eased at the Vashi wholesale market here today due to lower demand from stockists and retailers.

Medium sugar (M-30) moved down by Rs 4 per quintal to Rs 3,102/3,292 from Thursday’s closing level of Rs 3,106/3,292.

Small sugar (S-30) also eased by Rs 2 per quintal to Rs 2,996/3,102 as compared to Rs 2,996/3,105.

Following are today’s closing rates for sugar (per quintal) with the previous rates given in brackets:

Small sugar (S-30) quality: Rs 2,996/3,102 (Rs 2,996/3,105).

Medium sugar (M-30) quality: Rs 3,102/3,292 (Rs 3,106/3,292).