JAMMU: The Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA) has constituted Sub-Committee to look after the activities in Jammu Province ahead of the forthcoming cricketing season virtually superseding the otherwise elected Jammu Wing of the Association.
The eight-member committee included top office bearers of the JKCA, Chairman (A.S Micky), General Secretary (M.L Nehru) and Treasurer (G.M Bhat).
Other members are international cricketer, Surinder Singh Bagal, former Ranji Skipper, Sanjay Sharma, former Joint Secretary of JKCA Jammu Wing, Hardev Singh, Physical Director of GGM Science College, Dr Vinod Bakshi and Ankush Abrol.
“The Sub-Committee is empowered to supervise, control, monitor, oversee all necessary cricket activities including trials, coaching camps, and formation of State teams for various age groups in consultation with already appointed state selectors by the President JKCA, Dr Farooq Abdullah in May last,” said General Secretary of JKCA, M.L Nehru said in a signed statement issued here in Friday.
Adding, “The Sub-Committee shall supervise and regulate all expenses to be incurred on cricketing activities and all the expenses shall be met by the apex body and accounts of expenditures made shall be maintained by the same committee as per the JKCA rules”.
The statement further cautioned the cricketers not to fall pray to those misleading calls for trials and selections as the same are not official.
“It is however unfortunate that some JKCA members are misleading the cricketers and calling them for some unofficial trials and selections. Such trials and camps are not official. The official trials and camps shall be announced and held by the apex body at the appropriate time. The JKCA teams which do not have authentication/signature of General Secretary shall not be accepted as representative team of the association by the BCCI or other sister affiliated associations”, mentioned the General Secretary.
The statement reads: For smooth and systematic functioning of JKCA in Jammu region during the forthcoming cricketing season during which BCCI tournaments are being conducted as also for safeguarding the interest of J and K cricketers, more particularly in Jammu region, the President JKCA, Dr Farooq Abdullah has on 15th August, 2014 formulated Cricket Sub-Committee under clause 8(IV) (e) of JKCA rules and the powers delegated to him by the working committee on 12th May, 2014.