Er. Jitender Kohli

CM Utrakhand instead of appreciating Indo-China agreement to open new Kailash Mansarover route via Sikkim which provides opportunity to everyone irrespective of age to perform this pilgrim Yatra has criticised it accusing hurting the sentiments of Utrakhand people.
The J and K State CM being clueless and of being utter failure to govern for the last nearly six years had directed secretariat employees to join their duties in the submerged secretariat building without getting dewatered or arranging the other place to hold the office work including the lodging and boarding for the Jammu region employees.
The State Coalition Government has out rightly failed when one observes surrender of Rs 30 crore by J and K State Disaster Management Authority issued by the National Disaster Management Authority in the financial year of 2013-14. It exposes the working capacity of the concerned authorities working under the State CM. The incompetence of the concerned department authorities has put the Valley, Srinagar in particular in the inundation condition. The indiscretion of duty to check the encroachment on the river, nallahs and lakes has compounded the living condition of the common people. The government has shut their eyes to such encroachments though being pointed out even by the media. One of such instances is of the Roopnagar Extension where one double storey building has been constructed under the nose of the concerned officials. Can one believe that such construction can be done without the consent of the concerned authorities?  The official teams who start demolition of such illegal construction carry a feather to the helm officer who ignores the circumstances under which such constructions are done.
The State Coalition Government is responsible for many troubles and disasters state people are facing including loss of precious lives still they claim to provide the best development and security to State inhabitants. Funny one feels, none of the State Governments have really done good for the State people, had they worked impartially, the militancy couldn’t place its ugly foot in the Valley to spread further.  Congress-PDP coalition had also failed in equal development and remained very soft to valley where the separatists smarted under the respective State Governments.
The lives of two generations of refugees from POJK, West Punjab and other migrated souls have been spoiled by the respective State Governments with the only fault of these souls  being non-Valley Muslims. The Valley non-Muslims shunted from Valley are not being allowed practically for their resettlements with one or the other flimsy arguments. The entire state government working and mentality of the Valley leadership is bias, anti-national which provides open space to the separatists, militants and their supporters.
The entire Valley leadership opposes any and every step which national society extends for the unity of Valley Muslims by absorbing them to the national main- stream. The Valley leadership desires and seeks all financial help from the nation, calls Indian forces to protect them at natural calamities but at the same time curse army and nation for the so-called excesses. They ask Indian Army to vacate and claim for the semi-independent powers to govern the State. Two families of the Valley are manipulating all this as regional political leaders and are supported by those who on the Assembly floor cry for independent State, abuse nation and non-valley Muslims.
The Valley centric leadership is exclusively exposed during the natural calamity where the entire Valley leadership ran to protect their lives along their families, relatives leaving their voters at the mercy of God. No doubt they are bound to protect their families but at the same time they could stay in the Valley to share the problem with the common people. The Indian Army saved the lives of separatists Gilani and Yasin Malik forgetting what they are who are spiting venom against the nation and security forces. After this Yasin Malik looted relief material along the boat from the relief-team dropping the patient woman from it. The CM and the State Police has shut the eyes from this act authenticates that the State Coalition Government is with or soft to the separatists.
The CM who admitted being without government for seventy hours is false. He had no secretariat staff, his ministers or his party men but he could direct the adjoining district authorities who were in the better condition to rush their ministerial and police staff to assist him to rescue the marooned people.
The confused State Coalition Government still revolves around Nehru-Gandhi family which has created a ring of some families to govern for themselves without watching the national and its society necessities.
The Congress led UPA has formed attitude to protect their personal vested interests which mostly rests on the give and take policy based on the society-dividing method. The separatists are flourishing, Pakistan and China smarting, economic disaster, weakening Indian forces with delaying its modernisation, incompetence of such governing let anti-national elements to say and do anything has resulted in disgrace of the nation reputation at the global level, this is what they handed over to next government. Congress has not still learnt what they should do being opposition party as its High Command has told the China President about Jawaharlal Nehru’s 125 years celebration for one year. Perhaps Congress has kept two options to survive either to govern at any cost or to criticise and intrigue to pull down who had toppled them.
The changing governing system under the leadership of Modi as PM has proved its mettel on the land, reaching for rescue of this State without waiting for any call from State, extending all practical rescue operations under the supervision of central officials/ officers, initiating various developments works across the nation. At the global level new government has initiated the healthy relationship keeping the national interests as the top priority. The China border incidences seem as China is trying to form such a situation from where she may gain some political and militarily gains in settling the border issue raised by Indian PM to solve on top priority.  China knows it is not UPA who believe in give and take but now NDA means business with national interests.