SP South, Jammu, Sandeep Choudhary chairing meeting of Gun Manufacturers Association at Jammu.

JAMMU: SP South, Jammu, Sandeep Choudhary made representatives of Gun Manufacturers Assoc-iation, Jammu, aware about the safety and security protocols to be followed by the gun manufacturing units in Jammu city South Area.
Nineteen representatives of the Gun Manufacturers Association, Jammu, participated in the meeting. The main agenda of the meeting was to convey to the factory owners about the importance of understanding and appreciating the Indian Arms Rules, 2016.
SP South, Jammu, emphasised that it is compulsory for a gun factory owner to have a proper background check of his employees. “Any kind of carelessness in this regard can lead to incidents like arms thefts or robberies which can be detrimental to the safety and security of society,” he added.
The SP further stated that the most important element of social life is safety and security of general public and police is bound to provide it without any compromise.
The gun factory owners were directed to ensure that all the arms and their components are stored in a most safe and secure way. Stringent storage standards lead to a safer society because any anti-social element can have advantage of unsafe storage. The issue of security guards for these factories was also raised.
The SP directed the factory owners to ensure that proper Chowkidaar system should be put in place. The SP ensured that a regular police patrolling will also be conducted in these areas on regular basis. The gun factory owners were directed to maintain proper inventories of all the arms that are manufactured as well as the work-in-progress arms.
The SP directed the factory owners to run their business as per law and set procedures because they are running a very sensitive business. The representatives of the Gun Manufacturers Association also ensured that they will respect the rules and regulations governing the gun factory installations. They said that they also understand the vitality of their business and their responsibility towards society at large. The SP also emphasised upon the fact that the gun factory owners and the outlets should make their consumers aware about the safety precautions and handling procedures.
The SP ensured that regular meetings on safety precautions and awareness about Indian Arms Rules and Arms Act will conducted on regular basis with gun factory owners.