JAMMUl: Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Sham Lal Sharma on Sunday directed Flood Control and other concerned Departments to start the restoration work on damaged protections bunds along Chenab.
Leading a team of Irrigation and Flood Control Department, senior officers and engineers of other concerned departments, the minister visited Chandian, Jio Pota, Butida Mandi and adjoining villages on the right bank of river Chenab and assured early restoration of damaged property and agriculture land. The recent floods have washed away large portion of agriculture and pasture land in the areas damaging protection bunds along the river Chenab.
The minister met the flood affected families and asked the local administration to accommodate them in safer places. He directed the concerned officers to ensure correct and accurate assessment of the damage so that the affected could be compensated accordingly.
Sham exhorted upon the people and public representatives to extend cooperation to the government agencies in making accurate assessment of damages to private and public assets.
He asked the local administration as well as Panchayat members to visit the flood affected areas of Akhnoor Tehsil to assess the losses including damages to residential houses and deaths of cattle.