JAMMU: Showing extraordinary expediency in filling up the vacancy of Controller Drugs, Minister for Health and Medical Education Taj Mohi-ud-Din has succeeded in getting junior most Deputy Controller in the panel of three officers appointed against the slot.

The government has promoted and appointed, despite ban, Nazir Ahmed Wani, Dy Controller, Drugs and Food Control Organisation, Kashmir Division as the Controller while ignoring superior claim of Lotika Khajuria, who stands at the top of seniority list.
“This is not only a brazen act of favouring a blue-eyed boy but sheer discrimination with the Jammu region’, sources told STATE TIMES.
According to the sources Secretary Health had reportedly opposed the appointment of a junior officer as Controller Drugs keeping in view the GAD’s ban on transfers/appointments However, Taj-Mohi-ud-Din over-ruled the GAD ‘s ban citing the approval granted by the Chief Minister.
The post of Controller had fallen vacant after the retirement of Satish Gupta, on 30th April, 2014.
Sources said that Lotika Khajuria, Deputy Controller, Drugs and Food Control Organisation figures at the top of the seniority list, followed by Irfana Ahmed, Drug Analyst and Nazir Ahmed Wani, Dy Controller, Drugs and Food Control Organi-sation, Kashmir Division, who has now been elevated, superseding his seniors.
In May, soon after the post of Controller Drugs fell vacant, Lotika Khajuria sought the court intervention for considering her against the top slot, as the Health ministry was reluctant to fill up the vacancy. In the meantime, Irfana Ahmed, Drugs Analyst also claimed her seniority at number one.
Taking the benefit of litigation, the Health Ministry appointed Wani as the Controller.
The court verdict is likely in few days.
“Whatever the court orders, we have to abide by the judgement but the question arises what was the necessity of appointing a junior officer against the top post”, said Lotika Khajuria, when contacted by STATE TIMES.
“I have approached the High Court for justice”, she added.