Grandson Raman with 110 years old Chandu Ram at village Sherpuri in Kathua.

JAMMU: It was jubiliation time for a family from bordering village of Kathua district as the family head turns 110.
The family of Chandu Ram had assembled at their ancestral village Sherpur Pain near Kootah in Tehsil Hiranagar and celebrated his 110th birthday.
“We have organised a function to celebrate 110th birthday of our grandpa with enthusiasm,” Raman Sherpuri, the grandson said.
He said that the family and relatives also prayed for his longevity and good health.
“A Satsang was organised and also the community food was served among the villagers, who visited us to join in the celebrations wishing him healthy life in years to come,” he added.
“It is a great moment for us seeing our grandpa getting 110 years old,” said Raman, adding, “as per my information, grandpa is the only longest living man in the state.
The grandson however, credited simple living, healthy lifestyle and good eating habits to his long life.