JAMMU: In a piquant situation, especially on the eve of Diwali, the demand notes of the Treasury officers of Jammu province were not honoured on 21st and 22nd October-two days ahead of the festival, as funds were not released by the government. On the contrary, adequate funds were released in the Kashmir valley around this time.
In view of the festival, the Jammu-based suppliers had speeded up their bills to get the payments prior to Diwali. However, after completing all the formalities, their all the hopes dashed to ground, when the Treasury officers, showed helplessness in the wake of non-availability of funds.
Sources told STATE TIMES that the money was diverted to the Kashmir treasuries for release to the Kashmir traders, leaving Jammu traders high and dry notwithstanding the festival of Diwali. This left them in lurch to meet the growing demands of skilled and unskilled workforce working with them.
“It is very strange that on Diwali-the Jammu-based suppliers didn’t receive any payments”, the aggrieved suppliers said.
“On Eid festival, the government takes extra care for the Kashmir-based traders, suppliers and we are totally ignored on Diwali. This is injustice to us,” lamented an electric goods supplier, adding that “My payments were pending for the past eight months and this Diwali we were assured that all pending payments will be released.”
When contacted, Director Accounts and Treasuries Lochan Dass said: ” We have made all the payments to the contractors but in case of the suppliers, the funds have not been released by the government”, he said adding that ” “Mr Vyas can only answer this”.
Principal Secretary Finance B B Vyas took exception to the statement of the Director Accounts and Treasuries, saying: “The issue should have been taken up at appropriate level”. He said he will look into the matter immediately.