REASI: Directorate of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM), (AYUSH)J and K, under the guidance and support of Director General Dr. Abdul Kabir Dar initiated the flood relief drive to address the health needs of the people ravaged by floods. With the purpose of providing free medicines to the needy people at their door steps in the flood ravaged areas of district Reasi, Nodal Officer Indian Systems of Medicine, Dr. Rohit Gupta conducted an extensive tour of affected areas of Reasi District with his medical team.
The medical team was headed by Dr. Rohit Gupta and comprised of Medical Officers, Dr. Ashok Verma, Dr. Arun Gupta and Paramedics Raman Kumar and Varun. The team headed by the Nodal Officer ISM (AYUSH) visited Govt. ISM Dispensaries Sule, Kadmaal, Dera Baba Banda, Kundran and Kheral respectively. The building of Govt. ISM Dispensary Kundran, collapsed during the incessant rains and many of the medicines and equipments were washed away. In order to provide uninterrupted health care to the needy people of the Kundran, Govt. ISM Dispensary is shifted to a safe place in the same Panchayat and provided with on the spot medicinal supply.
The medical team also examined patients during their visits to these places and provided free AYUSH medicines to the ailing and needy people. Flood affected people were also made aware of the common ailments prevalent after floods and the preventive measures to avoid these water borne ailments. Keeping in view the possibility of water borne and other health issues in the flood affected areas of Dera Baba Banda and Kundran, extra provisions of AYUSH medicines were provided to these ISM institutions and supply of AYUSH medicines of the other ISM institutions was also reinforced by providing them additional supplies of AYUSH medicines, during the visit. Nodal officer ISM also directed the staff posted in these areas to remain present at their respective places of posting to provide uninterrupted services to the affected.