Dear Editor,
Zanskar, a very remote and backward area remains inaccessible by road for nearly 6-7 months in a year. It is also one of the oldest Sub-Division in Ladakh region formed in 1979. Now there are some more Sub-Divisions in the District, but unfortunately there is no change in the administrative system of Zanskar Sub-Divsion.
The people of Zanskar have been demanding Zanskar to be incorporated with the then Tehsil Leh since 1953, when Rev. Late Bakula Rinpoche landed at Leh airport along with two cabinet ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Government, viz. Mr. Girdaharilal Dogra, the then finance minister and Mr. Mola Mir Qasim Musheer Mal. At that time a delegation led by my late father had proceeded to Leh to submit demands of Zanskari people. The two cabinet ministers while addressing the general public at Leh was said that the demand of Zanskari public is a difficult one but can be achieved if attempts are continued.
Changes are being taken everywhere in the world, even in our own country new states are being formed from time to time, new districts are also being formed. Countries, states and districts are varied in Shapes, Size and populations. When district status is denied merely due to the size of limited population it is merely an excuse from the state and Central Government.
In 2006, during the Chief Ministership of Ghulam Nabi Azad eight new districts are being created but Zanskar Sub-Division was totally neglected. In 2013-2014 the Govt. Of India had nominated three individuals as special interlocutors but the demand of the people of Zanskar was again totally neglected by them.
The new generations who are mostly educated of this remote region are deprived of employment opportunities especially in revenue department due to the discriminative attitude towards the minority Buddhists of Kargil district. In the last more than one decade interviews for various posts were conducted but a very few got absorbed in the employment opportunities but majority of them has to return empty handed. In the revenue Department of Zanskar not a single applicants have been absorbed since 1979.
The Demands for separate district is a genuine and long pending demand of the people of Zanskar owing to the following facts:
Zanskar is the most backward region in whole region of Ladakh remain inaccessible with its district headquarter Kargil for nearly 6-7 months.
The population of Zanskar is nearly 16000 souls out of which the Buddhists constitute 98% of the total population.
Ancient rock carvings are found in different parts of the valley, which can only be possible to preserve in a fair condition by its followers.
The culture and tradition of the people of Zanskar is totally different from the majority of the Kargil district.
Zanskar region covers an area of nearly 7770 sq. km. Which is comparatively a very large in size
Keeping in view all facts into consideration we request J&K Government for grant of District Status to Zanskar at the earliest please.
I, being a retired teacher sincerely and earnestly request all the stakeholders to support this genuine issue, specially the educated youths and students whose future are at risk
Panchonk Dawa,
Retired Teacher,
Padum, Zanskar.