It is really sad that our neighbouring countries, particularly Pakistan are taking our friendly approach as our weakness but now it is too much and we should teach Pakistan a lesson so that such things are not repeated in future. The dialogue process must depend on what Pakistan’s attitude is. Therefore, India needs to modulate its foreign policy to give a clear message to Pakistan that these kinds of attacks will not be
I think it has become a habit with Pakistani soldiers to violate ceasefire. I do not understand why India is sacrificing its soldiers and civilians again and again.
This is ridiculous and not easy to digest by the citizens of the country. Tolerance and patience have their own limits. Ceasefire violations by Pakistan have become a regular feature now and this time they have crossed the limits by targeting residential areas. I think army needs to adopt a new policy to deal with such situations. An aggressive approach should be there so that the culprits are taught a lesson.
I strongly believe that the need of the hour is that we should act strongly and teach Pakistan a lesson.

D.P Singh (Raju).