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Idea of universal basic income

  Kushan Mitra  The Indian Universal Basic Income, or UBI, is an idea that is now being discussed across the world, with Finland becoming the first large economy to contemplate it. Indeed, Kela, Finland’s social security agency started a pilot programme that would provide 2,000 citizens a basic income of 560 euros every month. This […] Read more

Protecting language diversity in India

  Pandurang Hegde India is one of unique countries in the world that has the legacy of diversity of languages. The Constitution of India has recognised 22 official languages. Multilingualism is the way of life in India as people in different parts of the country speak more than one language from their birth and learns […] Read more

Technology transfer for rural development

  Dr.Banarsi Lal  Extension and research are the cardinal pillars of agricultural development of any country. Agricultural extension as a profession has completed more than five decades of its existence. Substantial contribution has been made by this profession for the development of farmers. In order to get the true potential, the country need to go […] Read more

Showcasing air power

      Air Marshal Matheswaran (Retd) and Bidanda  Aerospace is the dominant technology and if India aspires to have regional clout, it needs to become a major aerospace power. Aero India is back again with its 11th edition to showcase the might of airpower to the people who gather across the country and elsewhere. […] Read more

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