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Madhesi politics in Nepal

Dr. Rajkumar SinghMadhesi is an amorphous term referring to caste categories of eastern Terai in particular. The Terai belt is Nepal’s most densely populated region and accounts for half the country’s 29 million people. Not all of its residents are Madhesi, however, Janajati groups like the Tharus – the original inhabitants before the swamps were […] Read more

Bright avenues in Food Technology

Vijay GargFood technology is the branch of science that studies the chemical processes involved in preserving food nutrients.The United Nations established World Food Day in 1945 with the goal of providing safe and healthy food to everyone. Nowadays’ it ismuch important to strengthen the immune system by eating a healthy diet. To meet this need, […] Read more

Why Jammu must be made state & Kashmir maintained as UT?

Why Jammu must be made state & Kashmir maintained as UT?

Prof Hari Om The former President of India R Venkataraman had urged then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to ‘grant want Jammu wants, declare Ladakh UT and deal with Kashmir separately’. He had said, This was only solution available to the issues facing the nation in the erstwhile state’s three regions. CPI boss and former Union […] Read more

Dark deeds under Roshni

Dark deeds under Roshni

M.M.Khajooria Principal Accountant General Dr Pandey also made the following startling disclosures quoting CAG report in an unusual press conference on 1st March, 2014: (a) irregularities in transfer of encroached land to occupants in Jammu & Kashmir from 2007 to 2013, saying the state Government realised just Rs 76 crore against a target of Rs […] Read more


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