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Down and out versus down but not out

Rajesh Singh The tensile strength of a political party in a democracy is tested in times of adversity. If a party takes defeats on its chin, recognises the reasons for the setback and works with greater vigour to connect with the people, it can reasonably nurse hopes of a comeback. If it spins excuses, blames […] Read more

India’s N-doctrine; still credible, still minimum

Manpreet Sethi India was only 18 months old as a state with nuclear weapons when it first put out a draft nuclear doctrine into the public domain. This document clearly established guiding principles for what its nuclear capability meant for India. The country defined a narrow role of nuclear deterrence for itself. It eschewed the […] Read more

Beijing’s hard and soft touch

Raghu Dayal Notwithstanding several Indian liberal thinkers’ strong advocacy for India to endorse China’s magnum opus, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in view of China continuing to roil the waters for India, its leadership has had to opt for a principled no-show at the Beijing summit on the trans-continental One Belt One Road (OBOR) project. […] Read more

Young President with many old challenges

Claude Arpi France has decided. By default, some will say. After winning the most unexpected presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron is the new President of the French Republic. The 39-year-old former investment banker defeated Marine Le Pen of the National Front with more than 66 per cent of valid votes. It is an extraordinary rise for […] Read more

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