PUNE: Dr Karan Singh was conferred Saint Dnyaneshwara World Peace Prize during a function organised in the World Peace University near Pune. The function, held under the tallest dome of the world, was organised by Dr Vishwanath D Karad who is the Founder of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. The Award was presented to Dr Karan Singh by Dr Arif Mohammad Khan, Governor of Kerala.
The speakers congratulated Dr Karan Singh, terming him as an eminent visionary, scholar, thinker, philosopher, educationist, poet, environmentalist, philanthropist and cultural ambassador.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Karan Singh highlighted importance of inter-faith movement in promoting inter-religious dialogue and harmony. He also highlighted teachings of Bhagwat Gita in this context.
During the function, he was presented a beautiful gilded image of Saint Dnyaneshwara and a Gold Medallion. The award carried a sum of Rs 5.4 lakh, which Dr Karan Singh donated to the Temple of Understanding India Foundation, an Inter-faith Organisation.