JAMMU: Was Kashmir terror lurking in the mind of Prime Minister Narinder Modi when he cautioned United Nations General Assembly about the scourge of terrorism and its threat to the civilised world? Indeed, yes! In a very subtle way, he brought to fore what has actually bothered him all these years. He referred to his interactions with world leaders two decades ago and said how they would term his concern about terrorism as a law and order problem. He substantiated his point by saying that slowly the entire world is witnessing how terrorism is spreading over. By specifying period, Narinder Modi actually pointed to the era when Pakistan sponsored terrorism was at its peak in Kashmir and had also spread its tentacles to the Jammu region and even rest of the country.
In this backdrop, Modi’s coinage, ‘good terrorism and bad terrorism’, assumes immense significance. He is conscious the world community was made to believe that terror in Kashmir was actually an indigenous ‘freedom movement’ or Jihad aimed at annexing the Valley (not Jammu and Kashmir) from India. The perception generated by Pakistan and her lackeys and supported by the so-called mainstream leaders is prevalent even now, notwithstanding devastation and destruction it caused to the Valley that was alien to gun-culture two and half decades ago. Innocent Kashmiris still refer to eliminated terrorists as Shaheed and terrorism as Tahreek. Nobody, not even Indian propaganda machinery, has succeeded in unveiling the truth and exposing terrorists for the mayhem unleashed and miseries brought to the people.
The onus of generating awareness about scourge of terrorism and exposing terrorists should have been the first priority of those who were facilitated by the Centre to restore political process after a gap of six years when most of them had run for their lives from the Valley. The Government of India went out of way in providing security and other facilities to whole lot of ‘mainstream’ workers, which is continuing even now. But, as it is in the Valley, the politicians are used to change colours like chameleons.  The so-called mainstream leaders were seen behaving more ruthlessly than the chronic secessionists. At times, it becomes really difficult to differentiate between secessionists and mainstream politicians. When in power, they speak honey and once out of it they spill venom. Lately, they are emboldened to such an extent that despite being in power they side with opposite fences.
The mainstream leaders, except Dr Farooq Abdullah, have never ever mustered guts to call the gun-wielding youngsters as terrorists. They keep calling them ‘misguided’ youth. Even while seeking rehabilitation for them, the mainstream leaders hesitate to call them as ex-militants or former terrorists. The Mujahids, as they are called by separatist ranks, have butchered or gunned down their own brethren, dishonoured women, forced out half a million nationalist forces from the Valley. Still, they are ‘misguided youth’ for the politicians who have held coveted positions like Union Home Minister, Chief Minister, Ministers or Union Ministers. Remember, how inhumanly Pakistan sponsored terrorists kidnapped the daughters of two former Union Ministers, which cost the nation dearly in terms of releasing notorious elements and giving impetus to terrorism. When he took over as the Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed kept ranting “Goli Se Nahi Boli Sey” (Don’t tackle them with guns but bring them on negotiation table).
Kashmiri secessionists like Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar, Yasin Malik and others are openly eulogising terrorists as freedom fighters or Mujahids. Just a few months back, Geelani gave a call for Bandh in protest against killing of two foreign mercenaries in Pulwama encounter. When the violent mob was tackled by law enforcing agencies, Geelani cried hoarse on human rights violations. Unfortunately, some reputed international agencies remain in readiness to take cognisance of rants on human rights violations raised by notorious elements in Kashmir for the incidents which are purely anti-terror operations in nature. How can big nations raise their eye-brows when Geelani calls for ‘Gaibana Nimaz-e-Janaza’ for Osama bin Laden and remain silent over the marauders for killing security forces and innocent people in blasts and ambushes in Kashmir?
Narendra Modi’s UN speech actually lays impetus on unified campaign against terrorism the world over. It cannot be selective. If terrorism is threat in Iraq, it is equally a matter of concern in a place like Kashmir. There cannot be two yard sticks. The international community will have to take note of what Indian Prime Minister stated. Back home, there is subtle message for terror sympathisers in Jammu and Kashmir as well. The terrorists active in mayhem and anti-national activities for the past about 25 years cannot be shown mercy or glorified as victims after their pretentions of remaining docile in pursuit of leading normal life.