Life is not a 100m race. Treat it like a marathon. Even you have a busy schedule and the universe is not treating you like its favourite child, you need to bring in a sense of elegance and beauty in your life. Here are some simple ways to bring in elegance into your life.
Get into the act right now. Start your day off with a sense of calm. Begin each day with a sense of gratitude and hope.
Do not rush into the day. Maintain a gratitude journal and start your day by sitting quietly and writing your blessings. Remember the golden saying, health is wealth.
Everything becomes meaningless if your health is not perfect. So, pack in exercise in your daily schedule. Being physically active is always a boon.
Keep a simple yet stylish wardrobe. There is no point in accumulating everything and anything.
Beautiful statement pieces even in limited numbers will add value to your wardrobe.
Enjoy your meals. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Savour your meal. Research has shown that people who chew their food well lead a healthy lifestyle. Hurrying into a meal is not just an act of elegance.
Add greenery to your space. Even if you are living in an apartment and your balcony is a small one, create your own little garden.
Tending to plants, watering the plants give a sense of calmness.
So, have potted plants even if you have space constraints.
Declutter your space. Clutter and elegance just do not go together.
To be in a happy, elegant state of mind, you need to be in a space that is neat, clean and decluttered.
You need not spend a fortune in decorating your space.
Let your creativity lead the way and play with your imagination.
Be polite. Being polite never goes out of fashion and adds much elegance to your personality.