R.S.PURA : Senior BJP Leader Dr. Gagan Bhagat along with other Bhartiya Janta Party workers visited the flash floods affected areas of R.S Pura Constituency in Indira Nagar, Kullian, Narhi, Kirpind, Khamb, Phinder, Banota, Ward No. 8, Ward No.4, Ward No.9, Ward No.6 and 7 Salehar, Chohala, Jindlehar,Kolan, Chak Tara , Chak, Lawal, Meshiyan,Kalyana, Gandli, Nihalpur Simbal, Jinder Mehlu,and Chak Bala and interacted with the victims of the sudden natural calamity. He further assured the victims full co-operation, support and maximum possible help from the party and his side.
Later on Dr. Gagan Bhagat called on the SDM R S Pura and apprised him about the damages caused in R S Pura Constituency.
The prominent among those who accompanied included Ashok Sharma, Vijay Raina Rimpu, S.Dara Singh, Dallu Choudhary and S.Kuldeep Singh.