tawi andolan

Convenor of Tawi Andolan Chander Mohan Sharma (Adv), has called for immediate ban on all sorts of construction/repair of the illegally constructed houses and cattle sheds constructed in and on the sides of river Tawi. He was addressing a gathering of Tawi Andolan activists at Vikram chowk Jammu.

He further said that after taking intensive tour of the localities located on the both sides of river Tawi that damage caused to the properties of the residents of these localities is all due to illegal construction and structures on the basin of the river. Inspite of number of warnings the concerned govt. authorities. These unplanned structures were not removed. The time has come when the govt. should learn lesson from present deluge all over the state and stop playing mischief with the nature. That is why the nature is playing havoc with the lives and properties of innocent people.

Sharma called upon the Tawi Andolan activists to be vigilant and agitate against all such activities in and around the river. Sharma has deputed a team of activists under the leadership of Devraj sharma and Arun Choudhary to access the loss caused to the farmers of Flaien-Mandal area of Nikki Tawi.

These farmers have suffered not only huge crops loss but also their fields have been covered with heavily thick layer of sand. And it will require big amount of money to treat these fields. He demanded disbursement of compensation to the sufferers immediately. Later on Tawi activists prayed for safety of the citizens stranded in the heavy flood water in Kashmir valley and also prayed for the peace to the souls of victims who died in the wake of flood. Others prominent persons present include P.C. Sharma, Chander Sharma, Girdhari Lal, Mitu Rajput, Shilpi Verma, Anju Dogra, BN Sharma, MK Zoshti, Sunita Kher, Prof. Bhardwaj and others.