JAMMU: Amandeep Group of Hospital has brings world-class medical expertise to people, bridging gaps in the existing healthcare fabric and breaking barriers when it comes to access and inclusion. Our life-affirming journey began 29 years ago, powered by a confluence of the finest medical talent-available round the clock owing to our full-time specialist system-and state-of-the-art technology, SAID Dr Avtar Singh, Chairman Amandeep Group of Hospitals.
The nation-wide lockdown in India has reduced the spread of coronavirus but it has also led to empty roads, no to least human presence in the public places and much more, he said adding that but there are some people who are working tirelessly towards saving the nation and its citizens from the pandemic.
Media people are one of them who are dedicated towards making this lockdown successful, and covering news across, updating about latest scenario and the list goes on, he said.
During this tough situation, it won’t be a great initiative to thank these people for their efforts and valuable sacrifice, said Dr Avtar Singh.
“Thanks to all of you, for standing strong in this challenging time and we salute to all you all who aren’t worrying about themselves but the nation,” said Dr Ravi Mahajan.
“The best way to express our gratitude all the warriors is by going out only when required, wearing mask, sanitizing our hands frequently and maintaining social distance,” said Dr Amandeep Kaur, CEO of Amandeep Group of Hospitals.