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    We all know that Arnab Goswami is shameless creature. He should be arrested and put behind bars. Court should order to remove his clothes and beaten up.

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    This is also true that Bar association was promoting the Rapists from Jammu. All who were supporting the rapists, no matter if all the people of Jammu, they should be sent to jail and punished severly.

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    Sreekumar Prabhakaran

    Arnab traded journalism for personal and pecuniary rewards. He will now pay for it through his nose. The powerful people behind his rise come from another, higher level. They have their own game plans. Arnab and Republic had a place in that game plan, but no more. Soon they will be discarded. We have seen it so many times. That’s why we teach our kids to be truthful, for truth has no expiry date. IF Arnab and Republic had played it fair, they hadn’t anything to be worried about, for people will, at least in public, must support truth, or end up like Arnab. “चढ़ता सूरज धीरे-धीरे ढलता है, ढल जाएगा.”

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