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    Epick Nick

    I guess there are others also demanding attention (& in need) in the nation, but they get side-lined coz most (All most all of them) are not terrorists, and happy with peaceful protests.

    Please don’t bow to pressures from these violent groups including Naxalites, & even Kashmiri Militants. Or else they shall keep demanding more,

    Though everyone is aware that Kashmiris (???) have been offered better facilities, compared to other Indians, and they are not satisfied. It is time to evaluate our & their actions & reactions. In the end, everyone must follow the civilised social rules, and that is the most logical choice. If the serpent has risen, serpent must be crushed. That is the only logical decision. Consider them stupid, troubling psychopaths.

    If Indian military/Indian Government/Kashmir Government is unable to control Kashmiri Militants, others from various groups & communities will take over, and teach them a lesson. It has gone too far. Are they any special than the other Indians ?.

    Meanwhile intervention from Allah (PBUH) might restore & stabilise their mental health.

    क्या रोज दारू पीते है ये आतंकवादी ?, जो इनका दिमाग़ इतना खराब हो रखा है, शांत रहो ओ निकम्मो, कुछ काम करो और शांत रहो. बाकी सब लोग बक्श देंगे, पर कुछ तुम्हे रौंद के चले जाएँगे. और इसे धमकी ही समझना, मज़ाक नही कर रहे हम.

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