Amid conflicting reports on Kanahiya Kumar of JNU being found guilty of seditious acts in the campus on 10th February 2016 by the internal probe panel, the real offenders who raised highly provocative slogans are roaming free, with the Delhi Police showing helplessness in apprehending them. Some of the students or infiltrators who had sneaked into the campus, including girls, to challenge the sovereignty of India, kept giving interviews to media and participating in television panel discussions justifying their protests against the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. Is it a matter of pride or shame for the patriotic BJP, which invokes nationalism in apprehending Kanahiya Kumar but remains mute over the activities of actual perpetrators of the seditious acts just to save the alliance with PDP to share loaves of power in Jammu and Kashmir?
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Lohri preparations in full swing

Malu Kerni Lohri festival, which falls generally on 13th January every year, is one of the important festivals, which marks the end of winter season, with Sun’s declination commencing its northward move to bring warmth to the northern hemisphere. Also, Lohri is th... Read more

Dost Khan

Blunt Butcher

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