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To grow or not to grow GM crops

Asheesh Navneet & V.A Kumar The GM crop debate is back with the development of GM mustard and its approval by the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC). This has again intensified the conflict among supporters and detractors of Genetically Modified crop technology. As we know, Bt cotton was the first GM crop to be approved […] Read more

Step up naval capabilities

Cmdr Udai Rao (retd), India must augment its tri-Services Andaman & Nicobar Command both as a bulwark against China and as springboard into the SCS. India’s northern border with China has become “live” with the nearly two-month-long Doklam standoff between their armies. Perhaps the Doklam confrontation is a result of India’s response to China’s maritime […] Read more

BJP’s chief success strategy

Shivanshu K. Srivastava A recent nationwide poll conducted by India Today has surprisingly established that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has continued to gain popularity among the citizens. The survey reveals that if elections were to be held today, then NDA can win 349 seats, in contrast to UPA securing 70 seats. This poll result […] Read more

Need to avoid wastage of food

Dr. Banarsi Lal & Dr. P Sharma It is estimated that India’s total population will reach to 1.45 billion by 2028 and 1.7 billion by 2050. A high proportion of the food that India produces never reaches to the consumers. India is at first rank in milk production and second in fruits and vegetables after […] Read more


We still have not been able to decipher the mystery of life after death. Like many others, I too was fascinated by this enigma. To resolve this complex quandary, I travelled to India, Egypt and Israel and met with leading religious scholars... Read more

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