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Showcasing air power

Air Marshal Matheswaran (Retd) and Bidanda Chengappa Aero India2017: Aerospace is the dominant technology and if India aspires to have regional clout, it needs to become a major aerospace power. Aero India is back again with its 11th edition to showcase the might of airpower to the people who gather across the country and elsewhere. […] Read more

Hurdles in the way of digital transactions

Hamid Hashmi With demonetisation,the government has sown the seeds of a cashless economy.In February 2016,the Government of India approved the guidelines for promoting payments through cards and digital means.There has been a massive uptick in digital financial transactions in recent months. A cashless economy runs on credit or debit cards,electronic funds transfer,or online shopping, instead [... Read more

Focus on comparative edge

Ranajoy Sen India-us bilateraltrade: There is a need for both countries to identify areas where they enjoy or develop comparative advantage in international trad When two countries confabulate for greater inter-state trade, they continuously seek to improve upon the scale and quality of it, endeavour for avenues for increased cooperation and symbiotic arrangements, paper out […] Read more

Shift in power levers

Bhopinder Singh China and the world: While China retains ties with isolated countries like North Korea, its proposition is equally seductive for histo­rical foes like There has been an undeniable increase in the Chinese strategic capabilities while those of the other ‘superpowers’ — USA and Russia — have diminished. This shift in power levers has […] Read more

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