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For our tomorrow, they gave their today

For our tomorrow, they gave their today

Rajesh Ranjan, IPS Time, the most potent ingredient of change, has ushered great individuals, nations and civilisations and subsequently overtaken them. Its might is insurmountable, its expanse inescapable. But, there are individuals that embody ideas which in turn inspires their deeds by virtue of which, they transcend the confines of their time. Such souls, even […] Read more

India's nutrition challenges-malnutrition

India’s nutrition challenges-malnutrition

Sanyukta Sharma A society, if can suffice to a few main parameters, is considered to be developed. According to the indicators used in the Human Development Index Report, there are three components to measure this broad term ‘Developed’. Out of three components, Life Expectancy at birth is one. This factor is influenced by the nutrition […] Read more

Sabarimala; justice downsises divinity

Sabarimala; justice downsises divinity

Sandhya Jain Sabarimala is essentially a denominational temple within the Ayyappa Panth (stream); it has special rules and regulations appropriate to the deity in that Rupa and Svarupa Its inclusive character notwithstanding, Sabarimala has several characteristics consistent with a denominational temple and should have been spared the humiliation that is currently agitating Ayyappa Swami devotees... Read more

Municipal Results - alarm bells for BJP in Jammu

Municipal Results – alarm bells for BJP in Jammu

Rajan Gandhi Results are out for Municipal Elections, these elections have spelt a doom for NC, PDP completely and indecisive Congress as well as they half heartedly campaigned in Jammu to please their Kashmiri voters and in the process missed their golden chance to make inroads at Jammu as voters were quite disillusioned with BJP. […] Read more


Know your threshold to beat stress

Sanyal said: “When stress hits you, you try to avoid stressful situations like attending meetings at work, avoid making phone calls to people you find difficult to deal with, avoid conversations with your spouse, etc. You start to fee... Read more

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