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Checking leakages in food subsidy payment

Checking leakages in food subsidy payment

Siraj Hussain Despite the tall claims of success of Aadhaar in preventing the leakage of government subsidies, it is not being used for enabling cash transfer of major subsidies. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of food subsidy has not even been seriously tried even though subsidies on food and fertiliser account for the highest amounts in […] Read more

Keep political tussle out of GDP figures

Keep political tussle out of GDP figures

Sushma Ramachandran A legendary comment attributed to Benjamin Disraeli is how most people view data. He famously said that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. The common man may share this jaundiced view, but we now live and breathe by not just data, but Big Data. It can apparently move […] Read more

Pakistan; leopards don't change their spots

Pakistan; leopards don’t change their spots

R K SINHA There is saying in English ‘leopards don’t change their spots’. If any one believes that by opening the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, Pakistan has opened the door for better ties with India, he is far removed from reality of the situation in the South East Asia. Not only India the target of Pakistan […] Read more

Jhuth Bolo - Zor Se Bolo - Baar Baar Bolo - My dear BJP

Jhuth Bolo – Zor Se Bolo – Baar Baar Bolo – My dear BJP

Mahadeep Singh Jamwal The great slogan of 2014 ‘Sab ka Sath – Sab ka Vikas’, when viewed with reference to the State of J&K, it has transformed the vernacular of BJP to a tight corner and the visuals of its performance have brought them to a tight situation and they have adopted the philosophy of […] Read more


Squaring the circle

That is the rationale of the proverbial phrase, Pinde Pinde Brahmande; or Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande – ‘What is found in the microcosm also exists in the macrocosm.’ Da Vinci’s iconic image also conceals a solution to a... Read more

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