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China's inroads near Indian borders

China’s inroads near Indian borders

Claude Arpi Relaxing PAP scheme is a good idea but as a modern state we must use electronic means to control visitors to India’s frontiers even as we promote border tourism The Union Government is thinking of relaxing the Protected Area Permit (PAP) scheme to enable foreign tourists visit border areas. This is half good […] Read more

Heavy metal pollution - threat to human life

Heavy metal pollution – threat to human life

Prof. (Dr) R.D Gupta There are a number of metals which enter the human systems through soil, air and water pollutions. Most of the metallic pollutants are also present in DDT, BHC and atrazine, and organic wastes. Also most of the inorgabic constituents find entry in the water systems from barren rocks where the forests […] Read more

India's unity is non-negotiable

India’s unity is non-negotiable

A Surya Prakash Fifty-six years later, demands for a separate identity for the south are once again being heard. We must remind ourselves of Vajpayee’s call for unity and nip the current challenge in the bud. After five decades, some reckless and irresponsible voices calling for secession are once again being heard in the south. […] Read more

No to autonomy

No to autonomy

Omkar Dattatray It is not for nothing that Shakespeare has said, “A rose smells that same if called by any other name.” The same holds good for the controversial jargon of autonomy propounded by NC patron and former CM of the State Dr. Farooq Abdullah. Decentralisation of powers and devolution of authority is the essence […] Read more


Are you a fool?

Foolishness has nothing to do with low intelligence quotient (IQ). Instead, foolishness refers to behaviour which is backed by a little higher IQ. I am talking about foolishness of an intelligent person that reflects in his conduct, his beh... Read more

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