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‘Disappearance’ of Lt Col Muhammad Habib Zahir

Nilesh Kunwar At a time when people go missing all over, reports in Pakistani media of Lt Col Muhammad Habib Zahir, a retired Pakistan army officer going missing in Nepal where he had ostensibly gone for a job interview may not be much of news. But this seemingly routine incident has all the ingredients of […] Read more

Sustanable development goals and Indian agriculture

Dr. Parveen Kumar The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were the world’s time bound and quantified targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions. There were eight MDGs. The first MDG was to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, second to achieve universal primary education, third to promote gender equality and empower women, fourth to reduce […] Read more

Experiencing peace from within

Ankush Sharma Barefoot, bare body, dark face, overgrown hairs, long hard wooden sticks in hand, few stone tools, living into the wild out of any Politico- Socio – Economical bindings and divisions, the irregular and uncivilised life of early human could be seen writ large through these gaunt features. The stone tools later replaced by […] Read more

Politics of poverty has dented India’s growth

Kushan Mitra Deep inside Kalahandi district in southern Odisha lies the town of Lanjigarh, beyond it lie the Niyamgiri hills. Rich in high-grade bauxite ore, the source material for alumina which is turned into shiny aluminium, these hills should resonate with the sounds of whirring machines and the district should be a rich and prosperous […] Read more

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