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The transformation of rural India

The transformation of rural India

V.Srinivas Rapid agriculture growth and rapid rural employment growth were always the focus of India’s policy makers. Mahatma Gandhi envisaged India as a Nation of self-sufficient autonomous village republics. Land – the summum bonum of rural existence, and agricultural structure was the most important determinant of India’s development. Highly skewed distribution of land was res... Read more

Obligation of elected representatives - Constitution silent

Obligation of elected representatives – Constitution silent

Mahadeep Singh Jamwal The denizens of India have their representatives’ at three levels of Governance: Local Bodies, State and National. The country is prorated into States, Districts, Electoral Constituencies, Municipal wards and Gram Panchayats, and when we vote, we vote for the MP, MLA, Corporators or the Sarpanchs/ Panchs. These precisely elected representatives are authorised […] Read more

India can be new market Arabs are looking for

India can be new market Arabs are looking for

KC Singh Analysing the Indian foreign policy from the nation’s Capital has the virtue of local input, but in the end, it has an echo-chamber effect. A three-day visit to the UAE, at the invitation of the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation to deliver a keynote speech at the AVSEC – a biannual aviation security […] Read more

Pakistan Army's hostage rescue charade!

Pakistan Army’s hostage rescue charade!

Nilesh Kunwar Whatever detractors might say about the perilous foreign policy he is following but as far as the issue of compelling Islamabad to start acting against the Haqqani network is concerned, President Donald Trump has achieved what no other US President could ever since Washington launched ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ in Afghanistan. In a blunt […] Read more


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